The night before…

I’ve made it to Bluff, and the weather, as Arnold the bus driver put it, has had its ass fall out of it. It’s pretty chilly, and the rain is quite sideways.

It’s a sleepy evening and I’ve only seen a few people in the lodge, including two backpackers from the States who keep wandering around looking lost and unsure. The lodge keeper, Lex, pointed to me in the corner when they checked in, and said “See her if you have any questions”. They haven’t approached me yet.

My gear weighs about 5 kilos more than I wanted it to, so I fear the luxury items, like my coconut milk powder, may have to go. That’s probably OK!

I had a good look at the side of the road on my journey into Bluff from Invercargill since that’s going to be my day tomorrow. Most of it is alright, and I think I made out a bit of a trail worn down by use at the side of the road. There look to be a few dodgy sections, but I’ll have due time to navigate those.

Here’s hoping the weather clears up a bit before the big kick-off tomorrow!

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