Days 2&3: Invercargill to Riverton

After a solid 12 hours sleep, I was up and off to a late start. I stopped by a cafe and had a huge lunch just before I hit the beach, which was great since I hadn’t managed to eat much the day before due to an upset (or maybe nervous) stomach.

I was overjoyed to see the beach – it was stunning, and a welcome sight after more road walking.

Oreti Beach – my world for 24 hours.

Shortly down the beach, I decided to take my shoes off to provide some temporary relief from the blisters, and I actually ended up walking the rest of the way like that – much better!

At around 6pm I was still 12km from Riverton so I decided to call it a day and found a sheltered spot just up in the dunes to camp. It was warm going to bed, and not too windy, and I woke up to a beautiful hazy sunrise on what felt like the end of the world!

Sunset from my bed.

The next day, although relatively short (only 13km) was tough because of the ever multiplying blisters on my feet. I hobbled into Riverton around lunchtime, and once I set up my camp I held a minor surgery session. Here’s hoping that will do the trick for the next while…

Fingers crossed…

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