Day 6: Continuing in Longwood Forest

After an indulgently slow morning, I set off again through the forest. I began to climb slowly, and after a few hours I emerged onto tussock-covered hills. The openness was a relief, and I had a view!

Well, I had a view for a few minutes.

The next hours were spent meandering along hilltops in somewhat boggy terrain, dodging deceptively deep puddles while I listened to Maya Angelou on Audible. Audiobooks, I suspect, will be my saviour on this trip.

A handy bridge.

I worried about getting wet feet, with my blisters the way they were, so I took painstaking time sidling around the mud. Stopping for lunch at the first hut on the trail, Martin’s Hut, I was glad I hadn’t stayed there overnight. It was very old and rundown, and quite spooky!

Martin’s Hut for lunch.

In the evening I arrived at the old quarry where I intended to camp. I could tell the abandoned quarry was now used for motorbikes, with jumps and tyre marks around, and the faint smell of petrol. I decided to walk further up the road and found a semi enclosed, soft patch of ground to set up camp for the night, a little back from the road.

I spent the evening inspecting my feet, draining a couple of new blisters, and disinfecting everything. I am looking forward to climbing up Bald Hill tomorrow, and eventually exiting the forest… Perhaps I will know what it is to be dry again!

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