Day 14: Lower Princhester Hut to Te Anau

It was a short 6 km jaunt down a farm road this morning to State Highway 94, where I met a distant relative who had graciously come to pick me up and have me stay at her berry farm just outside town.

Lake Te Anau in gloomy weather.

After a shower, some laundry, and some casual berry pruning, I went into town. I spent a LOT of money. I needed to replace gear lost on Telford Peak and get some new dry bags, and most of all, I needed more food! My food-buying method has changed considerably since beginning. Gone are the days of measuring out single portions of plain lentils and rice. My shopping trolley was full of meat, cheese, cous cous, pizza, cinnamon swirls, toffee pops, and sour gummy lollies. I’ve discovered that a good meal (and a pile of sugar) does wonders for morale.

I also happened upon the famous Altra Lone Peak trail runners in an outdoor store. Long distance hikers from all over the world swear by these shoes, because they are strong, extra wide at the front (no more toe blisters!?) and they drain well, after a river crossing, for example. I bit the bullet and bought a pair, sending my trusty, worn out, broken boots back home to Wellington. The next few days between The Anau and Queenstown will be a trial period. I have a pair of light boots in Queenstown if they don’t work out.

The wondrous Altra Lone Peaks, complete with pink accents for my lady feet.

One more rest day in Te Anau tomorrow, which is good timing with Ex-Cyclone Gita coming through. Back on the trail the following morning bright and early, for a three-day stint to Queenstown!

3 thoughts on “Day 14: Lower Princhester Hut to Te Anau

  1. Clare, I am loving reading your adventures. You are doing an amazing job and I hope you a proud of yourself. I know you are a grown up person who has lived all over the place and I can see your resilience and strength is a great advantage. Thanks for sharing your adventure. You are a star. Sally T


  2. Crikey Clare. Have just read your last nine days and know for sure I will never do this walk. Keep going though – it makes such interesting reading! Aunty Anne
    You are doing amazing – Lydia


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