Day 16: Te Anau to Boundary Hut

After one more relaxing day in Te Anau, I was off again this morning. Today began like any good day – with breakfast pizza. I was incredibly lucky to have my gracious hosts run me out to the track bright and early, and they may have even driven a bit further down the road than where I left it a few days ago…

South Mavora Lake, with snowy mountains behind!

The path today ran along the Mavora Walkway. It was overcast and very cold, but the scenery was amazing. The lakes were still and misty, surrounded by huge mountains topped with a little bit of snow. The walking was easy, along well-maintained walking tracks and some four wheel drive tracks. My new shoes went very well, but the true test will be tougher terrain. The blister count remains at zero, though!

Heading north from the Mavora Lakes into the valley. Brrr.

Today was the first day where I arrived at my camp for the night, feeling like I could easily go on walking if I wanted to. After 22km, that felt like a victory.

Boundary Hut’s resident hawk.

I am one day ahead of schedule, due to the ride up the road this morning and covering more ground than I thought I would today. I haven’t decided yet whether this means two short days next, or one regular day and one rest day at the popular Greenstone Hut.

I was caught up today by Quentin, the Frenchman from Lower Wairaki Hut. The evening has been spent mostly by me laughing at his gear. He told me he wants to get rid of some weight but can’t figure out what gear to ditch. As he was telling me this he was putting his loofa back in his bag and instead getting out a full pack of baby wipes, because the river was too cold for a bath at that moment. He proceeded to pull his fitted sheet over the mattress before laying his sleeping bag down, and then got out his Lavender Oil, preparing for a restful night’s sleep. He’s an entertaining guy.

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