Day 17: Boundary Hut to Greenstone Hut

Getting moving this morning was difficult as it was absolutely freezing. Nevertheless, I could see the sun coming up over the mountains and knew it would turn into a warm day.


Initially, I planned to walk only 12 km to Taipo Hut, but when I got there I was informed that a party of six guys was on their way for a boys’ weekend, and they were loud. Michael, a fellow kiwi northbounder, had stayed with them in the hut before me. I decided that I would push on instead to Greenstone Hut with Quentin and Michael, and it was the first time on the trail that I tramped with other people. We got a bit lost, but made an adventure out of it, and it was a fun afternoon!

I have friends!

The track today continued through a mountainous valley, with the snow on the mountain tops gradually disappearing throughout the day. The last hour delved into some beech forest again, and emerged in a giant clearing at the Greenstone Hut, the first serviced hut we northbounders have encountered. It’s the first hut on the popular Greenstone-Caples track, about three hours from the highway around Lake Wakatipu. I’m a day ahead now, with my shuttle around the lake to Queenstown booked for Saturday morning, which means a day off to laze around in the sun and maybe check out some of the Caples Track.

One thought on “Day 17: Boundary Hut to Greenstone Hut

  1. I love Greenstone Hut! I stopped for lunch there one summer on my way toward finishing a tramp. It was a glorious sunny day. The hut ranger was taking a break, sitting on a rocking chair out the front with a cuppa tea. It was a pretty idyllic afternoon.


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