Days 19 & 20: Queenstown

I think this may be the first time I’ve ever been happy to arrive in Queenstown. The place was as busy, loud, and obnoxious as ever, but I didn’t care because I had a much-anticipated visit from the wonderful boyfriend for the weekend! He’d taken a ridiculously expensive flight down on Saturday morning, and was there to meet me when the shuttle dropped me off in the centre.

We spent Saturday eating, wandering around, and eating more. On Sunday, we decided to climb Queenstown Hill, which was a decent trek but gave stunning views, just before the rain set in.

Climbing hills on the day off.

I sent him off on a plane home with enough time on Sunday evening to hit the supermarket and restock for the next week’s mission: Queenstown to Wanaka. Hopefully this rain subsides.

Getting there…

2 thoughts on “Days 19 & 20: Queenstown

  1. Really enjoying this blog Clare. Keep it up. Sounds like it is getting a bit easier too. I have just read a book by Miriam Lancewood. She and her husband have lived in the bush in NZ for about eight years. They have also walked this trail. They did it in over a year or longer. They only ever walked in sandals as you don’t get blisters and you have to be careful where you put your feet, so think it is safer. I am still hoping to catch up with you in Tekapo. Looking forward to it. Anne


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