Day 22: Arrowtown to Macetown

The day began with a fairly steep climb up to the Big Hill Saddle, and then wound down to follow a river along to Macetown.

Climbing up to the saddle.

The spiky Matagouri bush that grew over much of the track down to the river!

Macetown is a ghost town these days, unreachable by vehicle. It began as a gold mining town in the late 1800s but died with the gold rush. Today it consists of some stone wall remains and some huts in good condition.

Needham’s Hut, which left me wondering about the potential link to my grandmother, who shares the same maiden name.

Macetown was very interesting to walk through, but not so much fun to camp at. I got there in the early afternoon, set up my tent, and was inside arranging my gear, when I heard rain starting to hit the tent and thought, “Wow, just in time!”. A few minutes later I realised that it was not rain I could hear, but an ever-increasing swarm of sandflies trapped between my tent and the rain fly, bumping into the fabric. It dawned on me that I would be spending the next 16 or 17 hours in the tent, so I rationed out my water and settled in with my Kindle.

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