Day 23: Macetown to Roses Hut

The first few hours of the day were spent walking up a river, and by walking up, I mean walking in. It was a fun morning; I felt like an intrepid explorer navigating the river and choosing what I thought to be the best path. The water was freezing though, and I was grateful to turn off the river and begin the climb up to Roses Saddle.

The water was so clear!

Once I got climbing, the views were amazing. It was a bright day but not too hot, which made it a great day for getting into the mountains.

The view as I climbed from the river.

Once at Roses Saddle I could see Roses Hut below me in the valley. I stopped at the top for lunch before making my way down the other side.

Made it!

Shortly after I arrived at the Hut, a party of three northbounders arrived: Timo & Lisa from Germany, and James from Palmerston North. I had met Timo and Lisa at the Greenstone Hut just before Queenstown, so it was great to see them again. I hadn’t met James yet, but he has the same plans as me to do a big day tomorrow so we decided to walk together. Here’s hoping the weather holds out… It’s just begun to rain, and this time it’s definitely not sandflies!

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