Day 27: Wanaka to Lake Hawea

Not much to report today. After a luxuriously long coffee at the waterfront, and a quick dip into an outdoors store to replace the sternum strap on my bag, I set off.

I followed easy walking trails and cycle trails from Wanaka to Hawea, and the easy terrain allowed me to get lost in my thoughts and in my audiobooks for most of the time. Part of the trail followed the picturesque Clutha River, and I watched paddle boarders skim past negotiating the currents and rapids.

Following the lazy trail along the Clutha.

I arrived in Hawea with not much fuss and checked myself into a lodge, quickly taking advantage of the $12 dinner special available to dorm guests! While I was eating, Timo and Lisa arrived, and we caught up about the trail since I had seen them a few days before Wanaka. They plan to take it easier than I do over the next week, so it may be a while before I see them again. No doubt I will somewhere, though! It’s always the way.

Arriving at Lake Hawea after a relaxing day.

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