Days 25 & 26: Fern Burn Hut to Wanaka

It was a short (ish) walk out to the road end in the morning. Shortly after I woke up at the hut I noticed my phone wasn’t working – I could tell it was doing something, but the screen was blank. I hoped that it perhaps just go a little wet somehow and it would come right. While I was sitting down at the car park having morning tea, two women who had overnighted at the hut came out of the trail and asked me if I wanted a ride into Wanaka. I wasn’t tired, but my phone still wasn’t working, so I accepted and got into town early.

I picked up some food and gear from the post office and checked into a backpackers, pottered around for a few hours, and eventually dragged myself into the Vodafone shop around 4pm to browse the phones for sale. I was very grumpy by this stage, because I really liked the phone I had, and I had bought it new before starting the walk, and it had been expensive. I took a massive downgrade at the store, paying extra to have the new phone unlocked from the Vodafone network. The rest of the evening was spent bitterly re-downloading apps and setting them up.

The next day I eagerly went to meet my friend Ebony from home who was in town for a wedding. It was amazing to see her, and her friends fed me a cooked breakfast, making me a very happy lady. I followed them around a frisbee golf course for a little while, before doing my grocery shopping and eventually returning to their place to eat lunch, too. They went off to the wedding all glammed up, and I spent the evening getting ready for the week ahead.

Highly recommended Red Star Burgers… I absolutely inhaled this one, much to the astonishment of the staff who were wary of selling me the biggest one on the menu after sizing my skinny self up.

I was a little nervous about the coming week as there were several hard days in a row to come, and I was on a schedule – I was going to meet Dad, Tone, and my Aunt Anne in Twizel on Friday, so there was no wiggle room. That being said, I was also very excited to see them, and knew it would be a great motivator during the tough bits ahead!

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