Day 32: Lake Ohau to Twizel

Today’s walk consisted of a 30km hobble down a gravel road in the rain.

The thing that kept me going was knowing I’d see my family in Twizel later in the afternoon. I listened to audiobooks and just kept going, and shortly after I took the turn off into Twizel’s town centre a car pulled to a stop beside me and I saw the smiling faces of my Dad, Uncle Tone, Aunty Anne, and my cousin Lydia. They piled out of the car and we had hugs and a roadside photo shoot! Apparently I have a lot more freckles than I started with.

We arrived at our accommodation and I quickly got laundry and food shopping out of the way, and we all went out to dinner. At dinner I was all caught up on the current events of the real world, informed that the census had been and gone, and also that several more people had donated to my Givealittle page, which was a happy surprise!

Back at the house we sat in the lounge and I iced my knee, apprehensively going over alternative plans if it should continue to hurt. I was the first to bed – no surprises there.

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