Days 33 & 34: Tekapo to… Christchurch

Well, after a very hobbly morning, I made the decision. I’m heading out of the trail life for ten days in the hopes that this knee will right itself, and heading back in a little north, at Lake Coleridge, and continuing from there.

Having passed so many southbounders and hearing about their various injuries and enforced time off (or seeing their persistent injuries, encouraged by no time off), I figured it was a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

I’m a little frustrated, I have to say, since the section I’ll be missing includes Stag Saddle, the highest point on the trail. It was photographed a few weeks ago under a foot of snow, dumped there by Cyclone Gita, and it looked beautiful! It’s safe to say I’ll be returning to walk the section as soon as possible. Just – maybe not in the winter.

It seems the northbounders are dwindling, with me in Christchurch, Michael taking time off for his knee in Auckland, and James finally giving up on his leaky tent and mattress and calling the trip off this season. I ran into Timo and Lisa earlier, suddenly the only survivors of our little bubble, and told them of my plans in the hopes that we would meet up again on the trail north of Lake Coleridge. There are some tricky parts coming up in the next few weeks, namely the Waiau Pass and the Richmond Ranges, and travelling in a small group for these parts would be ideal.

For now though, all I have to do is not walk for a week. Here’s hoping my hard-earned fitness doesn’t go straight out the window!

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