Day 42: Heading back in to the trail at Cass

After an extremely lazy week off, I headed back to the trail with a much-improved knee. A friend of mine, Reuben, was planning on joining me for a few days on the track, so traveling back to the trail with him made sense. I didn’t go back to Tekapo, but back in from Cass, a little more than 100km to the north. If I hadn’t arranged to meet people further on in the trail, I would have begun where I’d left off.

Reuben and I didn’t arrive at the beginning of the Cass Lagoon track until around 5pm, so we moved fairly swiftly up the river valley to Cass Saddle Hut, arriving just before dark and shaving an hour off the suggested time.

The hut was cosy, but quite old, and while I made dinner I tried not to shine my bright torch light in any of the corners for fear of discovering what else was taking shelter inside.

Installed in 1953!

After a quick dinner, and with food bags hanging from various hooks and wires around the hut, we went to sleep, with Reuben amused at his 9pm bedtime.

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