Day 47: Goat Pass Hut

Not much to report today! For the entire day the three of us ate, played cards, and tried to stay warm. The rain poured past us horizontally and we discussed the implications of carrying on north tomorrow or turning back instead at length, our conversation eventually following a distinctly circular pattern.

It was finally decided that Katie was going to continue north tomorrow no matter what. She was determined and had a loose schedule, so if she only made it to the hut 2km down the trail, that was alright. I, given my dodgy knee and anxieties about the Deception River, would only continue north if the rain stopped, and had stopped for most of the night, before we set out in the morning. If it was still raining, I would turn back, down the track I knew to be safe in that weather. If I turned back, Josh would turn back himself and go north with Katie. He’d come up the Deception River in the rain, and felt he could navigate it and help to keep Katie safe should she press on in undesirable conditions.

I was grateful to Josh for offering to go with Katie should I decide to turn around. The more time I spend with her the more I realise her drive to complete every inch of the trail overrides her logical contemplation of the weather conditions. If I knew Katie would be alone going down the Deception unless I went with her, my decision would have been swayed and I would have been far more likely to do something that went against my instincts: precisely the wrong thing to do in this context.

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