Day 50: Avalanche Peak and back out to Christchurch

It’s a bright, sunny day today. Half of me is frustrated I’m not on my way down the Harper Pass but at least I got up a mountain in the morning!

Avalanche Peak was an incredibly tough three hour climb up, and a tricky two hour descent.

I was stumped until I spotted the small orange trail marker on the tree at the very top.

At times the track had me scaling large boulders, walking alongside a sheer drop, or clambering over a gravelly ridge.

The grass verge on the left of the track was the cliff edge… eek.

The trail nearing the summit!

At the peak I found a collection of other hikers sitting in the silence, gazing at the surroundings. It was completely still and sunny at the top, eerie in the contrast to the last week.

A view from the top, looking north-west.

This has been the tallest climb to date, and today I could properly tell that I’ve become much fitter during this adventure, completing the climb in two less hours than suggested, and feeling no worse for wear afterwards. That is, apart from some aching muscles in my shoulders from all that rockclimbing!

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