Day 55: Lewis Pass Highway to Boyle Flat Hut

After a lovely couple of days at Maruia Springs being overly lazy and self-indulgent, I was dropped back at the trail pick-up at Boyle Village.

I even had my bag carried for the first kilometre!

I have to say, I wasn’t overly thrilled at the beginning of this section. I’m tired now, physically and mentally, and I’m beginning to understand the attitudes of those southbounders I met right at the start who just wanted to get it done. I also knew going into this section that I would face two tough challenges: the Waiau Pass and the Richmond Ranges.

For now, though, I have two more relatively easy days of flat walking ahead of me, before the Waiau Pass looms into sight.

This afternoon was spent ambling up the St James Walkway to a hut already containing two families who were on their Easter holidays, and were on their last day. The kids plied me for information and tips, explaining they planned to walk the Te Araroa one day, and it was satisfying to know enough about it now to provide some useful insight.

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