Day 56: Boyle Flat Hut to Anne Hut

I begrudgingly left the hut this morning to begin the trail in sideways rain, after being told the track was exposed for the entire day today. The weather kept me going and I only stopped briefly for lunch. The trail wandered up river flats, at times through tall grass and bogs, and across a few shaky swing bridges. There was a fairly easy climb up to Anne Saddle, which felt like an eternity carrying such a heavy pack, but my lunch break was waiting for me at the top and I made it eventually.

Two short hours later I spotted Anne Hut in the distance, in the middle of a grassy valley. The rain had stopped but the wind had picked up, and I was happy to get inside and start a fire.


Anne Hut is a large, new hut, and I delighted in having the place to myself for the afternoon. I washed and dried clothing and cooked several meals on the fire, and repacked and organised for the morning.

‘Anne Hut’, the sign on the door reads, ‘The Most Exposed Hut in New Zealand’.

Just before dark a northbound couple arrived at the hut, Remy from Canada and Caroline from Germany. We spoke a little but everyone was tired and I left to go to sleep soon after they arrived, eager to get started on my long night’s sleep in my own bedroom as soon as possible!

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