Day 73: Havelock to Mistletoe Bay

I jumped on the road bright and early today, eager to begin the last section of my walk, the Queen Charlotte Track. I’ve always loved the Marlborough Sounds, and I was excited to learn that Te Araroa followed them almost to to tip, and actually ended up higher in latitude than Wellington.

A tropical paradise!

The track today was similar to the Abel Tasman – it followed the coast, in and out of numerous bays and coves, and the walking was easy. It’s not sandy here like it was in the Abel Tasman, but the water is the same shade of turquoise blue, and it’s beautiful.

There’s a strange conflict going on in my mind: I’m excited and happy to be on the Queen Charlotte track, doing something I love, surrounded by beauty, but at the same time, I’m longing to be finished and home, able to sleep warm and undisturbed, and cook whatever I want in my own kitchen! It seems like years since I left Bluff, and I’m definitely ready to be done.

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