Day 74: Mistletoe Bay to Camp Bay

Second to last day, and I’ve got a blister, hilariously. I haven’t had one of these since my first week!

I only meant to walk to a place called Bay of Many Coves today, but I reached the campsite early in the afternoon and decided to carry on another seven kilometres to the next one. This way, I’ll be able to walk the whole way to Schoolhouse Bay tomorrow, only an hour from the end of the walk, and meet the water taxi the following morning, saving one day. I’ve got a surprise planned for my return to Wellington, and the new plan fits in much better!

One of the many stunning views along the Queen Charlotte Track.

Today I saw the North Island for the first time, and it fully sunk in that I’d be finished very soon. Now I’ve begun to miss the trail prematurely!

Getting close now!

This evening at the campsite there was an excited buzz in the kitchen, and I found out that the place was treated to the presence of a celebrity. Brett, or Brent, or something, from Married at First Sight, was cycling the trail with some friends. The only one from the show who had stayed married, apparently. He wasn’t wearing a ring. It was quite the scandal.

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