Day 75: Camp Bay to Schoolhouse Bay

This was my last big day of walking, as tomorrow morning I will be waking up early and spending only an hour walking up and over the hill to Ship Cove, the finish line. I got out and on the track early. Today the track began by climbing up to follow the ridge line for a short time, before descending to follow the coast.

Another amazing day.

The trail led me up and around Endeavour Inlet today, where the infamous Furneaux Lodge is situated. The Hope Smart murders took place in the area in the 90s, and I’m not sure if knowing this prior made the lodge feel spooky to me or not. I stopped there for some lunch, and sat in the dining room in front of a huge fireplace, surrounded by animal heads on the walls and floor to ceiling red velvet curtains. It felt like something from Cluedo.

After lunch I continued around the rest of the inlet to Schoolhouse Bay, a small DOC campsite.

Lots of Mānuka along the way today.

I was excited to have the campsite to myself, and made tentative plans to wake up early and walk over the hill to arrive at Ship Cove at sunrise. These plans went out the window when a group of thirty teenages arrived on an outward bound course, set up camp all around me, and shouted and giggled until the wee hours. It sounded like they were having a great time, but I struggled not to enter full grumpy old lady mode.

The view from the last campsite of the trail.

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