All done!

All in all, my experience on the Te Araroa was an amazing one. There were all sorts of tracks, all sorts of days, all sorts of weather, all sorts of moods, and all sorts of people.


  • Climbing up Breast Hill next to Lake Hawea
  • Conquering the Waiau Pass
  • Putting my navigation and river crossing skills to good use and feeling like a real explorer
  • Eating a packet of Toffee Pops every two days and still getting skinnier
  • Forging an unimaginably close friendship with my shoes
  • Watching and feeling my resilience grow with each day and each new challenge
  • The wonderful people I met at every turn, transforming the walk into an adventure
  • The amazing encouragement and messages of support I received from the friends and family along the way.


  • Long drop splashback, enough said.

Thank you so so much to everyone that contributed to my journey, whether it was telling me that yes, I could in fact do it, or carting my gear around the country for me, or storing my stuff, or having me to stay at their places last minute.

Thank you so so much to everyone who contributed to the Hohepa Boardwalk Project – you were all so generous. It is easy to glance at something like that and think, I’ll do it later, or I’m sure they’ll raise enough, but you all took time out of your day to give something towards it and I’m incredibly grateful, as are the awesome people at Hohepa.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has been following my progress and reading this blog! You’ve been keeping me going. I hope it’s been somewhat entertaining or informative.

The North Island remains an exciting possibility for another summer… Watch this space!

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